Cure Strep Throat With Honey And Vinegar

This inexpensive home remedy really works!
I felt that first twinge of throat pain two nights ago, first thinking it was only allergy irritation, but by the next morning, I knew it was more than that. My tonsils had swollen, it was hard to swallow and I felt slightly feverish. This time, though, I knew what to do.

To cure sore throat, even strep, take 1 part apple cider vinegar and 3 parts fruit juice and mix in a small glass. It won't be fun, but drink this mixture, gargling a bit and allowing it to coat your throat before swallowing.

If you will repeat this process every few hours, you will see a marked improvement by evening or the next day.

For extreme cases or to loosen thickened mucus, you may also gargle with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, undiluted, and then swallow.  This will burn somewhat, but you should feel an improvement immediately, and you may

be surprised at how congested you really were without realizing it.

Please remember to rinse your mouth adequately with water after each use of vinegar, for the sake of the enamel on your teeth.  Vinegar can have a negative effect on your teeth if left in contact for long periods of time.

You may also mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and honey and drink this if you prefer. The best apple cider vinegar is that found in health food stores with the "mother" still in it. This is typically not available in grocery stores. The grocery store variety will work, though, just not as effectively. I am so glad I found this penny pinching remedy that saves me the cost of a doctor's office visit and prescription antibiotics. As always, seek medical attention if you condition does not improve.

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